Salt Water Catch Basin
United States Patent 7226242 Serial #11/528,289

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This is an illustration that shows a prototype Salt Water Catch Basin that is scaled down to 4' by 4'. This basin was loaded with 1,000 lbs of sand. With a water pressure of 50 PSI, we were able to clear the sand in 10 minutes. Using the Venturi effect, we were able to liquefy the sand and move it to a holding area to either be trucked to beaches or sent straight to the beach to replenish what was eroded.

The Government now mandates a certain quality of sand to be used in re-nourishing beaches. The sand removed from the catch basin is of the highest quality because it is recycled from the beaches and thus would be re-used. This illustration simply proves a Salt Water Catch Basin is a faster, cheaper and completely Eco-Friendly alternative to dredging.
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